Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

President Trump today promised increased propagation on all bands and especially concerning the long neglected HF spectrum.

He announced immedialty that his office would initiate an executive order to increase the number of sunspots and said, "It's just another example of out of control democratic regulations that are entirely ineffective and unnecessary".

Although it is not confirmed, sources say that sunspot numbers rose slightly immediately after the meeting and if they continue, may very well increase the sunspot numbers as stated by the President.

Welcome to the 3840 Khz Morning Group.

What the 3840 Khz group is all about...

The 3840 Khz group is a group of amateur radio operators (HAMS), that meet

each morning at 8:00 AM until 10:00 AM (CST) each day on 3840 Khz LSB mode.

What we do.

Basically this is a net to discuss topics of interest in Politics and Current events

and a general analysis of the world situation as it pertains to our daily lives.

Topics can vary into ham radio, car repairs, confrontations with

stupid democrats, medical ailments and cures, and host of other subjects.

You never know what comes up sometimes.

Your Participation Is Welcome.

To participate directly on the 3840 Khz net you will need a valid General Class

or better Amateur Radio License, A good 80 Meter antenna and usually a linear

amplifier to boost your signal so that everyone on the net can hear you. 

The net reaches as far as California early in the morning

and is heard in OK,TX,LA,MS,AL,AR,MO each day. The net is monitored online

overseas and by Shortwave listeners as well.  If you would like to comment or

add content to the net simply say break or say comment, when you are

recognized, use you full amateur callsign and ask or say what you want. 

Jamming and Heckling will not be tolorated and amateurs have lost their

Licenses and have been fined for doing this.  The main thing is to treat

everyone with respect and never forget to ID with your callsign.

Another way to participate is to press the contact us button.  There you will be

able to send an email and have it read on the air as soon as we can get to it and

in most cases same or next day.

A third way is to call the Toll Free Hotline at 1-855-USA-3840 (855-872-3840) and

leave a message on the recorder.  If you want it played ON THE AIR, just say

"please play the following message on the air", then say your message or question.

Vulgar messages or comments or  long messages will not be aired. Try to keep it

short and to the point.


The photo below is the original 3840 Khz group doing their best to eliminate

carbon emissions from deers.


Email Form Below


Toll Free in the US at 1-855-USA-3840 (855-872-3840) 24hrs

Enter your Name and or Callsign, Your Email address, and a short comment or question.

Please say if you DO or DO NOT want it read on the 3840 khz net ON THE AIR.

We will try to get your question or comment on the air as soon as it comes in. 

Your email address is only required by our website so that it can send you a

confirmation that we received your message.

WE DON'T Keep Email addresses

WE DON'T Use them for any purpose

WE WON'T read your Email address ON THE AIR

WE RESPECT your privacy not to have the living hell

bugged out of you! LOL!

3840 Khz LINKS


What's better than a 3840

KHZ 11oz. coffee mug?

George's Roadkill Cookbook

Excellant aid for preparing

those Holiday delights

SOLD OUT! We Will Advise When New Shipment Arrives. Entire shipment was purchased by Mayor Pete B?

ANNUAL 3840 Luncheon NOV 25th 2024


Message From HQ




On the 25th  of November 2024, MONDAY, we will return to Fairfield, TX at SAM’S RESTAURANT for our annual luncheon.

Lee, WB5UEN,  will arrive before 11:00 AM to organize the private room. We will have this room until 2:30 PM.

Great fun and superb food. 


There will be the usual gathering after the meal in the parking lot. Bring your favorite toys for display.

Bring your NAME TAG and take photos. Circulate this notification to other HAMS that may want to attend.



3840 Khz Morning Group Chat Room